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Testimonial * Linda and Mike have completed window treatments in our last two homes expertly....Linda will work with you to get the best quality window treatment for the money....There is no better installer in the business than Mike....They are AWESOME to work with....I have sent them numerous clients over the years with zero negative feedback....A truly PROFESSIONAL TEAM....

Name*Wally Sisk    Location*Munford TN   

I have worked with Mike and Linda for window treatments in my last two homes and am totally satisfied with not only their products, but with them as well. Everything they do is top quality and I plan to continue working with them for all of my future needs.
Ken Mccune
Eads, TN

Ken Mccune    Eads, TN   

I am so pleased with the work Linda and Michael have done for us over the years. They have installed window treatments for us in two houses and in our family's business including woven shades, blinds, and plantation shutters. Linda and Michael are very professional and their work is beautiful. I highly recommend them and plan on using them for future installations.
Carlyn Mcmillian
Atoka, TN

Carlyn Mcmillian    Atoka, TN   

Ok here is probably a 1st for testimonials. My loving frugal husband decided to save a few $$$s and buy from the big box store and install himself. We'll they don't quite fit right, and now one needs replaced and they are discontinued. So his few $$$s saved ended with more $$$ spent. I'll be calling you soon. Guess it was a lesson learned the hard way.
Shonah Sprouse
Business Associate

Shonah Sprouse    Business Associate   

I am a custom home builder here in the Memphis area. Every client of mine is introduced to Mike Kopp for window treatments. I totally trust him to sell my clients the right blind which will meet their needs in their new home. He offers the very best service you can possibly expect. I trusted Mike with my window treatments, you can too.
Bruce Upchurch

Bruce Upchurch    Tennessee   

I am 100% pleased with my home motorized dual solar and blackout shades that
I purchased from Discount Window Treatments. Mike and Linda provide an excellent product, installation, and warranty service!! You will not be disappointed
by Mike and Linda; they are a pleasure to do business with.
Shelley Fragale
Memphis, TN

Shelley Fragale    Memphis, TN   

Discount Window Treatments have installed shutters and shades throughout my old Midtown home. They used quality materials an the installations are always impeccable. I give them the highest marks for their service and quality.
Jan Horn
Memphis, TN

Jan Horn    Memphis, TN   

I highly recommend Discount Window Treatments. Mr. Mike has done several jobs for me and I could not ask for better service or a better person to work with.
Ginger Whitlock
Millington, TN

Ginger Whitlock    Millington, TN   

Mike and Linda are fantastic to work with...for typical homeowners, shutters and blinds can look & feel similar...but vendors that care make a difference...We've had Discount Window Treatments apply plantation shutters at our last two residences, and they would be our first call if we ever had to move again.
Alex Napier
Nesbitt, MS

Alex Napier    Nesbitt, MS   

Mike at discount window treatments helped us do our home in very nice shutters. We needed to break it up into phases and he was more than helpful in doing that.

We did the front of the home first then we did back next then the sides and so on.

It took about a year but he stayed with us and it now looks awesome. The shutters are now about 4 years old and still look brand new.
Harry Spore / Principal Broker
Arlington, TN

Harry Spore / Principal Broker    Arlington, TN   

I am a Real Estate Broker, Linda and Mike Kopp have installed window treatments for me and my clients for more than 10 years. They have good products at a reasonable price and do an excellent job. I am pleased to recommend them.
Carolyn Rogers
Germantown, TN

Carolyn Rogers    Germantown, TN   

A friend in Memphis, Tn had plantation shutters installed in three different homes. I always admired the look and workmanship of the shutters.
I called Mike and Linda they installed eighteen shutters in my home in Blytheville, AR. They are wonderful and were installed perfectly. I enjoy them every day. I am constantly getting compliments from everyone.
Joe Lindsey
Blitheville, AR

Joe Lindsey    Blitheville, AR   

We have been so happy with our plantation and traditional shutters from Discount Window Treatments! My family has used them on three occasions from 2008 until 2013. The nicest people you will ever meet with great quality products at reasonable prices.
Heather Kirksey
Memphis, TN

Heather Kirksey    Memphis, TN   

I contacted Discount Window treatments when looking for plantation shutters for my new home. Linda came out and was very helpful in helping me decide which size I should get for my large windows. Installation was quick, professional and clean, Mike was awesome.
I have been a customer for 8 years, and highly recommend Mike and Linda!
Carole Sullivan
Atoka, TN

Carole Sullivan    Atoka, TN   

Two walls of windows did not help our home a few years ago when the temperatures were pushing 90+ degrees in our home. Mike sat us down and explain what the different types of blinds and shades were and which ones would help our little problem the most. His advice made a huge difference in the comfort of our home. We recommend Mike to our close friends, family, business associates and clients.
Gina Davis
Lakeland, TN

Gina Davis    Lakeland, TN   

I purchased plantation shutters and blinds from Discount Window Treatments when I was building my new home. Mike and Linda Kopp did an outstanding job with our shutters. I had purchased plantation shutters from another company at my former home, and the quality and installation was not even close to the quality and installation of my shutters from Discount Window Treatments. I am very pleased with my plantation shutters and blinds that I purchased in 2007. In 2010 I asked Discount Window Treatments to install plantation shutters on my doors because the shutters have added so much value to my home. Discount Window Treatments is the best place to purchase shutters, shades and blinds.
Kay Williams
Arlington, TN

Kay Williams    Arlington, TN   

My husband had gone to the big box stores and priced out blinds for our garage. I suggested that he call Mike to come give him a second opinion. Mike not only beat the box stores price, he installed them (which was not included in the other price), we had a small issue with one of the cords (he came back out at no cost to make the small repair) Mike knows his blinds. I have recommended him to friends that I know and the local churches in my area.
Joan Follmann
Somerville, TN

Joan Follmann    Somerville, TN   

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