Discount Window Treatment

Blinds can be constructed from wood, faux wood, and other materials. Our blinds are crafted to an exact fit of your windows and can provide as much or little light that you desire. You can raise them to full view or lower them to full privacy. In addition, you can swivel the slats to allow the amount of light that shows through the window. They can be standard or rout-less, which is constructed to maximize light control providing darkening and privacy by eliminating light leaks. Whether you choose wood, faux wood, horizontal or vertical blinds, they make a beautiful and added value to your home.

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  • Discount Window Treatment Faux-Wood

2 1/2" Blind Systems

Standard blinds are manufactured with route holes and a cord tilt only.


Routless blinds maximize light control and provide room darkening and privacy by eliminating light leak.

single-channel Double-channel

Single Channel Remote  and

Double Channel Remote Controls Available

Multiple Blinds on one Headrail


Double Blind on One  Headrail


Three Blinds on One  Headrail